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LAの写真展に参加 ”Homing Pigeon 「伝書鳩」”   

ロサンゼルスの Balconi Coffee Company にて、本日 4/7(日)より 5/12(日)まで行われる写真のグループ展 「Homing Pigeon 『伝書鳩』」 に参加しています。



Homing Pigeon 「伝書鳩」

group photo show
curated by Kio Griffith

Balconi Coffee Company
11301 West Olympic Blvd. #124, Los Angeles, CA, 90064 | 310.906.0267

Opening reception: April 7, 2013, 6pm to 10pm
Show runs from April 7, 2013 to May 12, 2013
OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 7AM [weekdays] 10 AM [weekends] to10PM

Cafemode proudly present "Homing Pigeon 「伝書鳩」" group photo exhibit by local and international artists

Before Internet and email there were homing pigeons. These pigeons carried messages only one way, to their home. By placing their food at one location and their home at another location, pigeons learned to fly back and forth up to twice a day reliably becoming an important means of communication.

The importance of homing pigeons in the centuries before electronic communications, such as the telegraph and telephone, is seldom recognized. Pigeons carried photographic negatives, documents of breaking news and even medication between hospitals countries apart.
As our means of communication developed into the present hyper-network, today's homing pigeons have retired from messengers and now trained as racing pigeons. It is thought that racing pigeons rely on the Earth's magnetic field to find their way home. Some evidence has surfaced indicating that mobile phone towers may be interrupting the birds navigation although no published research has investigated this theory.

The theme of this photography exhibit is an observation of the value of messaging; the sending, the expectations and the challenge of not expecting any return.

いまのようにインターネットや emailが発達する前、伝書鳩(ハト)は重要な通信手段だった。
その帰還率が全体的 に年々悪くなっており、レースによっては全滅するレースも発生しているという。



Douglas Alvarez | Michael Arata | Terri Berman | Sean Chao
Sally Coates | Ludmil Dimitrov | Veronica Duarte
Shigenori Ebata | Aya Niibo Edamoto | Doug Eisenstark
Allen D Glass II | Shisei Hashimura | Jun Hiraoka
Lusine Hovsepian | Aska Iida | Ichiro Irie | Tomoyuki Iwanami
Nobuteru Kamiyama | Minako Kumagai | Gil Kuno
Michelle Lai | Jeremiah La Torre | Lionel Lee | Leora Lutz
Yumiko Matsui | Douglas McNamee | Jon Measures | Shinnosuke Murakami
Misato Nagare | Eric Nakamura

Clary Newell | Kosta Potamianos | Alejandro Rodriguez | Satoshi Saegusa
Chigusa Saga | Samvel Saghatelian
Chiaki Saito | Ray Sato | Tomoaki Sato | Mika Soma | RIccardo Spinotti
Mayumi Tanaka | Ilan Terrell | Will T. Yang
Akihiro Yasugi | Michiko Yao | Kouichiro Yoshio

and more…



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